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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Renovation & Planning

Most of the projects we work on involve a home owners kitchen. We offer a wide range of services to help you plan, update or fully remodel your kitchen.

Kitchen Planning & Design

We help home owners develop functional kitchen floor plans, helping them design and layout customized kitchens that better fit their needs and lifestyle.

Kiefer uses 3D software to clearly communicate renovation options. A 3 dimensional plan provides a clear understanding of the work to be done. The look and feel of your project will be obvious before work begins.

Kiefer works with clients in a planning capacity and as the contractor who is actually on the job. We don’t shuffle clients along from employee to employee. The person who helps you plan your custom kitchen is also a highly skilled and experienced carpenter who will be on site during the renovation process. You will be speaking to the people who are actually going to be working in your home from the start.

Project Management

We manage small and large home improvement projects. For large jobs we operate as the general contractor, managing every phase of your renovation.

We have a select group of plumbers, electricians and various tradesmen that we bring in when required. We work with a select group of professionals that we have been using for years.

Cabinet Installation

We can come to your home and install the kitchen cabinets you have already bought. We also carry several brands of kitchen cabinets that are stylish in appearance, well made and durable.

If you are just looking to update your kitchen cabinets, we can install your cabinets, countertops and backsplash. Crown molding or other decorative trim work is another option we can offer as part of our cabinet installation service.

Counter Top Installation

If you like your cabinets but you still feel you want to update the look of your kitchen, replacing your counter tops is a great option. There a lot of choices when it comes to color and material, which can really compliment the beauty of your kitchen.

We can install granite, marble and all of the other popular types of counter top. We also create custom wood counter tops made from maple, oak, acacia and cherry butcher block to name a few.

Custom Tile and Backsplash

There is an abundance of materials available for the design of a back splash. We design and deliver polished solutions that work together with your kitchen for a balanced and even appearance.

Custom Cabinetry

Some of our custom kitchen solutions may include cabinetry. We provide custom and semi-custom cabinetry to enhance the look and functionality of your kitchen. Our custom solutions can include a customized island or a peninsula if your space allows for it.

Custom cabinetry solutions may also include:

  • Specialty Woods
  • Specialty Finishes
  • Sheens
  • Distressing Option
  • Special Effects

Examples Of Our Work